Corporate Event Planning

corporate event planning toronto

Event marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal. No other strategy can place your program in closer, more direct contact with your target demographic. More importantly, the personal nature of face-to-face marketing consistently offers better results than any other type of advertising campaign.

This unparalleled opportunity to target and intimately connect with captive, receptive consumers is exactly what Trade Sensation Events will deliver.

Let us put success back into your event!

  • Corporate Client Events
  • Company Holiday Parties
  • Seminars
  • Non Profit Parties, Gala’s and Fund Raisers
  • Weekend Retreat
  • Merger Announcements
  • Exhibitor Event
  • Award Ceremonies

We begin by reserving the very best venue and designing the most tailored event idea for your program - one that will reach your targeted groups.

Then we plan your event while ensuring to stay within your desired budgetary requirements. When your event day arrives you can sit back and enjoy and rest assured that your program will run smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly – effectively, so that thousands of consumers hear your message, and hopefully, become loyal customers.

Why Hire an Experienced Event Planner for your next Corporate Event?


Unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to event planners being an extra cost that gets added to the event budget. Rather, the truth is that an experienced event planner should more than save back what you paid to hire them, plus more. When a business makes a decision to throw a corporate event, they often attempt to take it [...]

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