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Vendor Tipping on your Wedding Day !



What is proper etiquette for tipping. Is there such a thing ? When your Wedding on a "Beer Budget" turns into "Champagne and Caviar dreams", just blame Pinterest, because most likely that is who did it to you.  Hopefully, you were one of the lucky one's and picked amazing wedding Vendors and if so, they DO deserve some appreciation.  You've already dug deep into your pockets to pay for the wedding, but don't forget the fun part starts the next day - when you start opening envelopes to find most if not all of that money spent, comes back to you. Well, the fortunate thing, is that most vendors do not require a TIP, unless a service charge or Gratuities Fee, is spelled out in your contract. So the power is in your hands, to do with as you please...

However because it's not requested doesn't mean you can ignore the fact that some vendors will expect a gratuity, especially in cases where they went "Over the Top". So tipping your Wedding Vendors should be considered on a case-by-case scenario.

Some general rules: Don't tip the business owner, unless they were part of the wedding execution, only tip their employees (however, you can / should tip an owner when the service exceeds expectations); tip vendors who offer exceptional service; thank-you notes are always appreciated; testimonials even more so, especially when they come the next day or so; not forgetting to thank the vendors in your speech particularly touching; take some time to put Great Reviews on-line about your experience, especially with the Vendors that wowed you.

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THE Pocket Guide for the Modern day Bride:

                                                          The Wedding Planner Diaries

By Tammie Deubry (Trade Sensation Events)

“..Touchdown that was a perfect tackle and the groom scored… except this was his wedding and not flag football and that prized tackle was his new WIFE! “  

Tip: 42 – There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Consider ways to manage bar choices at your wedding.

  Now alcohol at your wedding is a personal preference for a couple. This is your day to celebrate your union with family and friends. One planner succinctly describes a wedding as an elaborate party where you want your guests to feel as welcomed and as comfortable as if you were entertaining them in your own home. As a wedding planner, our job is to suggest choices that not only creates a memorable experience for your guests but also fits your purse. The bar options range from the economical cash bar to the roll out the red carpet premium open bar and everything in between. It is the “everything in between” that earns us planners our weight in gold. Here are three options to consider.   Read more ...

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The Pocket Guide for the Modern Day Bride


The Wedding Planner Diaries By Tammie Deubry (Trade Sensation Events) “..after all that planning, decisions are made, you are delighted with your choices, you walk into your wedding and….It’s the wrong cake…!” Tip: 51 – Always Give your Wedding Planner a Sample Picture of your Cake before your Wedding Day As your guests enter your reception hall for the first [...]

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Don’t Be A Bridezilla On Your Wedding Day!


Want to avoid awakening the Bridezilla in you on your wedding day? Then consider these 10 tips. 1. Plan on being overwhelmed. No matter how checked-off your to-do list is, overwhelm is unavoidable on your wedding day. Your wedding is nothing short of life-changing. You won’t be able to predict your emotional state that day, so prepare for lots of [...]

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Amanda & Fabio | August 17th, 2013 | The Terrace- Woodbridge, Decor & Flowers


Amanda & Fabio’s wedding was simply stunning from top to bottom with a crisp and modern edge. Black, nude and ivory pastels blended together harmoniously and black Chiavari Chairs gave the decor a contemporary twist. Probably the most talked about item was the striking Three Dimensional Backdrop consisting of an Ivory Sheer draped Canopy in the front, Ivory and Mocha [...]

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