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We are a boutique style wedding studio conveniently located in Toronto on the border of Vaughan, Ontario. We specialize in Asian wedding planning, decor, centerpieces, floral design and invitations. Our team philosophy stems from an understanding that we are here to help create an experience that should last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of you - our client, and all of your guests. Trade Sensation Events includes planners of other Asian cultures other than Chinese (see Leona's profile below) who may be able to be a part of your special day. Please feel free to inquire with us.wedding_balloon_party_theme


Meet our Asian Planners  

Filipino Planner

Profile Pic 1 Tracy joined the Trade Sensation team as a student in 2012 with a background in marketing and corporate event planning. She found a passion and love for the business when she planned her sister’s wedding back in 2008. Never really taking her eye off of the industry, she planned and coordinated several family members’ weddings as well as her own in 2013. Her favourite part of wedding planning is watching the groom as the bride walks down the aisle. “It’s magical. It’s a feeling that is so powerful that I can’t help by cry, every single time. There’s always a certain energy in the room that is so addictive and contagious, it always leaves me wanting more. I simply love it.” Tracy will soon be completing the Wedding Planning Mentorship program and will subsequently officially join Trade Sensation as a Bridal Coordinator.  

Chinese Planner

Leona photo Leona joined the Trade Sensation team in October 2011, training through the Wedding Planning Mentorship Program before becoming a Bridal Coordinator. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Sport and Event Management from George Brown College, and a degree in Arts & Business, specializing in Cultural Management (non-profit arts administration and events). She is also WPIC certified. She was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Canada, speaking fluent English, Cantonese, and has an understanding of Mandarin. Therefore, she is familiar with the culture and traditions in Chinese weddings. Leona brings creativity, attention to detail and a dedicated and friendly personality. Her love and background in event planning will definitely show in working as part of the team to make your wedding unique and memorable.  



Olivia joined Trade Sensation as a student in June 2015. Through the Wedding Planning Mentorship Program, she quickly became a part of the team as a Bridal Coordinator. Olivia found a passion for the wedding industry when she assisted with her sister’s wedding in 2011. Graduating from York University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology, she is WPIC certified and also fluent in Cantonese. Specializing in Chinese weddings, Olivia brings her creativity, enthusiasm and positive personality to Trade Sensation. Her favorite part of wedding planning is the bride and groom’s first dance. Olivia’s passion for wedding planning shows as she is committed to everything she does, making sure your special day is unforgettable.

Decor Team Leader

2016-01-12 00.58.56Anvy started off as a Wedding Planning student for the Trade Sensation’s in the Mentorship Program of late 2015. She then immediately grew vastly interested in the Décor department of Trade Sensation Events, where she began assisting in some very extravagant Wedding Décor set ups within the company. Behind her enthusiasm with assisting in bringing forth a Bride’s intricate vision to life while taking part in a few client consultations, she takes great pride in following through with a high list of tasks and demands meticulously and graciously, as required for meeting very critical deadlines on time. Her passion in invitations design for kids themed birthday parties and crafting for baby showers previously, has allowed her to seek tremendous attention to detail for any Wedding set ups that she has been assigned to execute. Anvy is very conscientious of feelings and expressions of others, so it has been made her prime ambition to strive for achieving complete satisfaction, aiming to exceed their expectations with extreme fulfillment. She is currently growing with rapid knowledge and skills from the Wedding Planning program and gaining hands on experience in both departments, as she continues to work closely with the Décor team.

Asian Wedding Customs

Focal Area with Branches Head Table

Filipino Weddings & Debuts

Please click on the heading to find out more about our Filipino wedding and debutante services!

Chinese Weddings


Many Chinese couples who hold weddings in North America tend to host Westernized wedding celebrations with a few Chinese traditions incorporated into the day. This may include having a Western menu (e.g. pasta, beef/chicken, salad, etc) instead of the 10-12 course Chinese style menu, and/or hosting the reception at a golf course or banquet hall instead of a Chinese restaurant. [...]

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Korean Weddings


Similar to the Chinese, Koreans look at the bride and groom’s “eight characters” and/or “four pillars” to determine whether the match is a good one. Traditionally, some may even seek the wisdom of a fortune teller to ensure that the match will be harmonious. Betrothal gifts are usually given to the bride’s family the day before the wedding. Traditional customs [...]

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Japanese Weddings


As with most Asian cultures, wedding rituals begin before the actual wedding day. In popular Asian fashion, gifts are exchanged at the engagement ceremony, or yuino between the two families. Gifts that are given commonly include a certain type of seaweed, a white piece of hemp, and a fan to represent fertility, togetherness and wealth, respectively. The main gift however, [...]

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Indonesian Weddings


Similar to Malaysian weddings, Indonesian wedding customs vary depending on your ethnic group. The variations are usually related to the reception decor, the menu selection, the entertainment (e.g. type of dance or performance chosen) and/or the style of the bride’s wedding dress. During the time of the couple’s engagement, gift giving is a common way to become better acquainted between [...]

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Malaysian Weddings


Malaysian weddings are one of the most extravagant occasions in its culture, and are often infused with Islamic and Hindu traditions. Customs can vary from region to region but in general, the couple is treated like royalty. Several rings are given to the bride. The first is a promise ring (or the cincin tanda) given to the intended bride after [...]

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Thai Weddings


In modern times, Thai people have the freedom to choose their own partner. However, once the couple is serious about marriage, the eldest members of the groom’s family would approach the bride’s family for permission. Similar to many other Asian cultures, astrologers may be consulted to determine the luckiest wedding date for the couple.  Please keep in mind that customs [...]

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Vietnamese Weddings


Contrary to some other Asian cultures, Vietnamese customs are still largely honoured and followed in today’s weddings. Although Vietnamese marriages are no longer arranged, approval from both families is still important. Some couples may still consult astrological books or fortune tellers to determine whether their union would be a blessed and lucky one. Pre-wedding rituals consists of six stages. First [...]

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USEFUL TIP: Besides cultural ceremonies, rituals or a traditional menu, there are other ways of infusing your wedding with cultural flavour. Try adding in hints of culturally inspired decor. This could be as simple as the favour box, the table linen or overlay, part of the centrepiece (e.g. the vase) and/or using common patterns or colours of your culture. Another way could be your eating utensils (e.g. including chopsticks if appropriate) or your drinks (e.g. serving a drink/tea specific to your culture and/or using corresponding tea sets or glasses). A very effective mood setter is your music which can greatly help in setting the tone of your wedding.

Some of our Asian Weddings